If you’re consistently writing blogs, making videos, creating e-books, etc., and you haven’t started repurposing all of this content, you’re missing out on a great marketing strategy.

We’ve all heard the adage that people do business with people whom they know, like and trust.  People get to know you through the content you put out for them to read, see or hear. So it’s important to put fresh, relevant content out so prospects and leads can learn what you’re about and what solutions you offer. Since you’ve already taken the time to create the content, use it to reach more people by putting it on different channels and in different formats.

While this certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, here are 7 ways to get you started repurposing your content.

  1. Turn your blog post into a video. Some people would prefer to watch a video than read a post. You can either create a slideshow and turn that into a video or record yourself talking about the same subject and upload it to YouTube.
  2. Turn your blog post into audio. Some people would rather listen to something than read it or watch it. Record yourself reading the blog post and either post it on your website or use it as a podcast.
  3. LinkedIn Publishing. Update your blog post wording for a business audience and publish it on LinkedIn. Transcribe one of your videos, tweak the text and publish that here. Always make sure when using something transcribed that it makes sense when it’s read.
  4. Create an Ebook. Take several blog posts from the same category that can be expanded upon and put them together to make an ebook. You’ll need to add transitions from one chapter to the next and make sure it flows well together. If you sell the book, be sure to add more content and pictures to make it worth the additional investment.
  5. Host a webinar. Use the topic from your blog to create a webinar. If you created a slideshow for video, expand on that to use for your webinar. You may even be able to use more than one of your blog posts as webinar content.
  6. Update an old blog post. Things are changing all the time. Do you have an older blog post that can be updated with some new information? You may be able to use most of the information and update a few points. When you publish it new, add a quick note at the beginning to let your readers know about the original post.
  7. Create a daily email series. Do you have a blog that gives a “How to” or a list of items? Break those articles down into a series of daily or weekly emails. You may need to add to the emails depending on the article, but it can make a great free offer.

You don’t have do each of these things.  Just pick a couple that resonate with you and that you know you will be able to do consistently.  That is the key.

Do you have a favorite way to repurpose your content?  If so, please share it with us in the comments below.