Now is the time to look back on your business for the past year and reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and map out your goals for 2016. You may find that you need to put more systems in place and/or add more automation to your business in order to meet your goals and to grow your business. I’m a huge fan of systems and automation and I’m a very happy camper when I can put things on autopilot in my business.

This month I’ve found 5 articles that will be helpful to you for deciding what systems to put into place, what qualities a good system needs, helpful tools for automation and the last one is just for fun because we need to have fun in business.

Let’s look at systems first, because automation generally follows a system you’ve put in place. This article talks about why you need to put systems in place and how to go about doing it. Read more here.

You want to be sure to create systems that are truly helpful to your business. This next article gives you the qualities that a system needs to have. Read the second article here.

Now that you have some foundational information about systems that you may need to create and implement, this next article gives you 7 tools that will help you automate some of those systems. Read about them here.

Didn’t find the exact tools that your new systems need in the last article? This next one has a plethora of tools for automation and creating systems. Once you’ve checked out the tools in the middle of the article, keep scrolling as there is even more listed below those. Peruse the tools here.

I told you this last one was for fun and it will help you automate your out of office reply email. Have a laugh here.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments below which system you need, which system you have in place that you couldn’t function without and what your favorite automation tool is.