As a solopreneur, you probably try to do most things by yourself – your marketing, keeping your books, updating your website, consistently communicating with your email list, learning what you need to know to stay on top of all these things – all while keeping your clients and customers happy and making money.

How’s that working out for you? Unless someone isn’t really interested in growing their business, the answer is usually, “It’s not working out at all.”

I know doing it all alone doesn’t work for me. One of my favorite words in business is leverage – using the expertise of others, using automation and tools to propel my business forward.

Leverage Other People

I don’t want to have to do everything myself, nor do I have time, so I look to others who can help me – a CPA, web designer, coach, other VAs to whom I can subcontract work. I’m also looking into hiring a content creation team because I know I don’t post enough content on social media. I help others with theirs, but I don’t do enough for myself. I know this is something I’d like to change within my business, but because I haven’t done it yet for myself, I see the need to bring someone else in to help me with that.

It can be scary when you bring on your first team member, but everyone I’ve spoken with who has, wished they had done it much sooner because it’s such a relief to get something taken off your plate. It frees up your mental space to work in your unique genius.

Leverage Automation

I’m a big fan of automation. My favorites include:

  • Email campaigns: Setup emails to go out and stay in contact with your prospects who sign up for your free gift from your website, set up thank you and follow up emails to go out automatically after someone buys from you, set up self-study programs or group coaching reminder emails to go out at pre-determined times.
  • Social media: Schedule your strategic posts to go out at certain times of the day and then you can pop in later to comment, share and make in-the-moment posts, but your content is going out consistently and automatically.
  • Website backup: I had forgotten I even had this, but I was talking to someone the other day who asked me about it. I use a plug in called Blog Vault and it’s on a schedule to automatically back up my website. I literally don’t even think about it, but if my site were to go down, I know I can easily and quickly get it back on line.

Leverage Tools

Using tools to help you in your business to streamline processes is a necessity. Some of the ones I use all the time are:

  • Google Calendar
  • Buffer app and Hootsuite
  • Infusionsoft and Aweber
  • Canva, Picmonkey and Powerpoint to create social media graphics
  • Pixabay to download pics for social media and blogs
  • Stretch Clock sets off an alarm and reminds you to get up and stretch every hour

What are your favorite leverage tips? Please comment below.