I’ve been networking at in-person events lately and I’ve noticed some interesting things that I want to write about.

There seems to be quite a few misconceptions about what a Virtual Assistant, or VA, is and what all they do. Now I can’t speak for every VA out there, but I’d like to share my observations with you.

I’ve recently met several people lately who thought that a VA was someone who answered phones and email, and that they only focused on general admin stuff. Certainly there are VAs who offer those exact services.

On the other hand, I’ve been asked about all kinds of things that I don’t work with because some people assume that a VA can do everything. For example, why doesn’t someone’s iPhone work right (I have a Droid, I have no idea). I had one client assume that I could edit a video for her because her coach told her it was something “her VA should be able to do.” That would be true only if the VA offered video editing services.

I get that the title “Virtual Assistant” can be confusing. It does cover a lot of ground, I mean you can have a VA who answers phones and email, and you can have another VA who builds websites and handles social media. I’ve even heard of assistants who call themselves a VA, but go into someone’s office periodically to work there (That is not a VA in my opinion. It negates the whole “virtual” thing).

The important thing here is to find out what the Virtual Assistant you’re talking to offers as far as services. You want to find someone who offers what you need. If you need help with marketing, find a marketing VA. If you need help with your customer service, find a VA who specializes in that. If you haven’t met one, ask for referrals.support

Be open to the possibility that you may need more than 1 VA for your business. Most coaches and entrepreneurs need support with a wide variety of things in their businesses. Chances are the VA who handles your social media won’t handle your customer service. And that’s ok because those different activities require different sets of skills. Just as there are different types of coaches who focus on different areas, there are VAs who focus on different areas, too.

So, get clear on your business needs, don’t get hung up on titles and find the perfect person or persons to add to your team.

Leave a comment below and let me know who’ve you added to your business team and who do you need to add.