I need to get something off my chest. I don’t know what’s going on lately, but I’ve about had it with people not keeping their word or their appointments.

I run a business. I wear different hats in my business – sales and marketing, client fulfillment, talking to potential clients and subcontractors. I don’t have time to chase people down to talk on the phone, so I schedule calls to avoid the phone tag cycle. If I have a phone call appointment scheduled, I keep that time open and make sure I’m available and prepared for it.

Apparently other people don’t have the same standards. This is what I’ve encountered in the past week:

A potential subcontractor emails me to “call any time as she’ll be around all day.” I email back with a precise time I’ll contact her. She confirms the time. I call at that time and get her VM. I leave a long detailed message (because I’m not even sure her skill set it what I’m looking for). She calls back in 45 minutes, apologizes for missing the call and says “call me back”, never addressing whether she received my message or not. I won’t be calling her back.

A potential client emails me to call her the next day. She states that she will be traveling at a certain time and I can call her either before or after. I call after and someone else answers her phone to tell me she’s driving and can’t take the call (why not let it go to VM so I can at least leave a message). I’m told she’ll be available in 30 minutes. I call back and get her VM. She calls back and gets my VM. I’m trying to get an exact time to talk, but now I’m thinking she may not be an ideal client for me anyway.

Another VA who is on a team with me emails me to set up a time for some training on a project she’ll be taking over. I let her know what time works for me and ask for confirmation that the time also works for her. I don’t hear from her again until 3 minutes before the time I asked her to meet, confirming that she can make it.

I know that many people in our society are addicted to “being busy.” I’m not, however, I am busy and don’t have time to waste on people who are “too busy” to be organized and don’t believe that they have to do what they say they will.

It really makes me wonder if they treat their clients like this, and if so, how do they have any clients? I understand that unexpected things come up, it happens to me, too. But that should be the exception, not the rule.

I learned a long time ago, how important it is to keep your word. It’s called having integrity. Please get some.