In my last blog, I discussed why entrepreneurs need to delegate and addressed the fears of why they don’t delegate.  Today, I’ll discuss what you will want to delegate and how to do that.

How do you know what the best tasks to delegate are?  Make a list of everything you spend time on during the day – no matter how small of a task it is.  Now, for everything you’ve listed, pick three items that are your special talent – which no one else can do as well as you.  Next, pick three tasks from the list that generate the most income for you.  Any items that fall into the “special talent category” and “the generates income category” should be the items that you focus most of your time on.  All the other tasks that you are not great at or that don’t generate the most income will need to be delegated.

A small business owner is a leader.  Great leaders know how to build great teams.  Building a strong, supportive team is instrumental to business growth.  Great teams are inspired by their leader.  Excellent team players are also leaders, too.  They are self-motivated, resourceful and action-oriented.  It’s important to have these types of people on your team.  If someone on your team is negative and non-supportive, you’ll want to get rid of them fast.  Attitude is contagious and you want to surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and your business.  If you don’t find them at first, keep looking for the right team member.

If procrastination is an issue for you, delegating will usually put an end to that because you will delegate the tasks that you put off doing.  These are usually tasks that you don’t like doing anyway and perhaps you aren’t very good at doing.  Let someone else take care of them and they will get done.