In my last blog post I shared with you some ways in which you can communicate better with your team members.  One of the things I mentioned was a project management system.  It’s a tool I use for myself and with my clients every day and I’d like to go into more detail about it.

I know when I first heard about a project management system, I thought, “I really don’t need another list to have to keep track of.”  What’s great about it, is that it can become your one and only list!  If you have multiple program launches and email campaigns to keep track of, you can put them all in one system and see what’s going on in all of your to-do lists at one time.

So, really, what is it and how does it work?

It’s a program where you can create Milestones and Tasks and assign those to different members on your team.  For example, let’s say you have a new coaching program that you are launching on April 18th.  You could create a Milestone called the Ultimate Success Program (or whatever the name of your program is) and invite your team members to that milestone.  As an example, you may want to include your web builder, copy writer and virtual assistant.

You would then add the tasks that need to happen to get to the completion of the milestone and assign those tasks to the appropriate team member.  For example, one task may be to “build a sales page” and you could assign that to your copy writer and web builder.  You would then be able to say that it “needs approval from you.”  Or you may have the task of “send out first email” and assign that to your VA.  You then give the task a deadline.  Your team members would then get emails letting them know that they’ve ben tasked with these items and what the deadline is.

Team members can make notes and upload documents associated with the tasks or milestones.  Some programs will send an email to everyone in the project when a comment is made so that everyone gets an update without logging in to the program.  And people are notified when a task is coming due.  Members can check off their tasks as they are completed so everyone can see what’s been completed and what’s still outstanding.  These programs will either have their own calendar or can be synced to Google Calendar or Outlook, so the tasks and milestones show up on the calendar you use most.

Once a project is set up, it can then be duplicated to be used in the future.  If you have several programs launching at different times during the year, you can duplicate a previous project, change some dates and names and have a new project set up quickly.

My favorite project management system is Asana.  It’s very easy to use and it’s free.

Do you use a project management system for your team?  If so, which one do you use and what do you like about it?  Please comment below.