Every week I will showcase an excellent resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs to assist them with their business.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Diana Price, owner of Your Life’s Purpose Customer Service Experts. Below is an excerpt from that interview.

Diana Price is passionate about customer service and sales and has been creating successful and productive teams for more than 15 years.  Diana is a dynamic speaker and has addressed audiences of all sizes.  She is a results-driven professional with many years of professional public speaking, customer service coaching, marketing and personal selling skills.  Diana sees the world through the eyes of the customers.  She is an expert when it comes to customer service and sales.  Loral Langemeier has endorsed Diana’s work.

What’s the number one thing every business owner should be doing to keep his or her customers happy?

You said the number one thing, but I can think of several number one things.  It’s not just one thing that a business owner must do to keep their customer happy.  The first thing that we all must understand is the customer is our paycheck.  If we internalize that then everything we do is going to have to be customer focused.  You have to find a way to say yes to your customer.  Always find a way to say yes.  And you want to train your team to carry out your mission.  If your team doesn’t understand your vision, that’s up to you to fix. You as a business owner have to fix that.  Always make your customers feel special.  Always say thank you to your customers.  Always give extra, give more than you promised.  If you say you’re going to do something, do it, but do more, do a little bit more.  Anticipate their needs.  And we always need to listen so very carefully to everything they say.  Sometimes the customer is saying something and we’re thinking about our response.  Just listen very carefully because in there you’re going to be able to provide a solution.  And when you provide a solution, provide it at a fair price.  And the last thing I want to say about that is we don’t want to take our customers for granted.  It’s very important no matter what you do to understand that maybe you think you’re giving good service, but it may not be as good as it can be.  So you’re always going to have to build that relationship and manage the relationship with your customer.

How do you train employees to follow through with your customer service protocol when no one is watching?

We have to start by hiring the right candidates.  If we have the right candidate then we can train the skills they need.  And if we don’t have the right candidate, we still have to train the skills they need.  You always want to be passionate with your team; you want to ignite passion in your team.  And guess who that starts with?  That starts with you and me, the business owner.  We have to be passionate and we have to believe in what we do and that’s going to permeate into our team.  We have to understand our people and we have to know what motivates them.  I always think it’s important to get to know them a little bit better.  Get to know about their family, their hobbies, their talents and their goals.  When we know more about them maybe we can use some of their special talents in a project.  It makes them feel apart of the whole package.  It’s important to create a welcoming environment.  Make sure the environment in your work place is very positive, it has energy, it’s not boring and that your team wants to come to work.  I always say you’ve got to create happiness and have fun while you’re there.  We do a lot of education and training so that is huge.  Ongoing coaching and training is absolutely vital.  You’ve got to provide your team with training opportunities to improve their skills.  And then one of the last things I always think about is, if you’re not watching how is your person going to respond?  You’ve got to empower them and encourage them.  Let them know that you trust them and you give them a level of autonomy so they will develop a sense of commitment and self-worth because if you’re always micro-managing them, that may be kind of uncomfortable.  In the long run, you have the responsibility as the business owner of satisfying your employees also, because how you treat your employees is how they will treat your customers.  If you’re yelling and screaming at your employees, they won’t think twice about yelling and screaming at your customers.  We need to be that positive role model.

How can we find out more about your awesome tools to help connect with customers and achieve more sales and business success?

You can find us online.  You can visit our website at www.YourLifesPurpose.net.  Our other website iswww.CustomerServiceExperts.net.  You can also email me, Diana@YourLifesPurpose.net orDiana@CustomerServiceExperts.net.  We just love creating happiness for our clients.  It’s important that we go above and beyond so that you are completely happy with our service.  We live a customer service being.

What is the number one customer service issue in your business?  Please leave a comment below.